Long-term car rental

Beneficial terms and additional services – car rental has never been so easy. Want a new car? Now you can subscribe or rent a car for six months or longer with ilgtermina-noma.lv!


Renting a car only 550€ per month with VAT

Winter season promotion, only until 30.04.24.

Available cars


Toyota Yaris

Long-term rental offer only 520€

Ilgtermiņa Auto Noma - Prime_Car_Rent_Toyota_Yaris_Cross

Toyota Yaris Cross

Long-term rental offer only 640€


Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Long-term rental offer only 699€


VW Taigo

Long-term rental offer only 710€


Toyota CHR Hybrid

Long-term rental offer only 720€


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Long-term rental offer only 850€

Full-service rental benefits

Financial savings:

Long-term car rental allows you to avoid significant initial costs associated with purchasing a new car. Instead, you will pay a fixed monthly fee that includes car rental, insurance, and often maintenance.

Daily management simplicity:

The long-term rental fee usually includes various services such as maintenance, spare parts, tire rental, etc. This means that you don't have to worry about these matters, allowing you to focus on using the car.

Test drive of new models:

By using long-term rental, you can regularly change cars and try out different models, allowing you to find the most suitable solution for yourself.

Business flexibility:

Long-term car rental for businesses allows flexible responses to changes in business needs. If a company's volume or scope of operations changes, it becomes easier to adjust the number or models of cars accordingly.

Rental on behalf of the company:

Long-term rental can also be in the company's name, meaning the vehicle is not included in the company's balance sheet, which can provide tax advantages.


Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental is a service where you lease a car for an extended period, typically from a month to several years. It usually involves a fixed rental fee that covers various expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and depreciation. This type of rental can be a convenient solution for those who don’t require a car permanently or prefer not to or cannot purchase a vehicle.

The advantages include the predictability of fixed monthly expenses, the opportunity to use new cars without significant purchase costs, and the maintenance and insurance services provided by the rental company. The disadvantages include not owning the car at the end, and long-term rental may cost more than purchasing a car.

Long-term rental typically lasts from months to years, offers a fixed fee, and includes many services. Short-term rental is usually for a few days to a couple of weeks, has a higher daily rate, and generally doesn’t include many services.

To choose the most suitable long-term car rental offer, you should:

  1. Define your needs regarding the type, class, and features of the car.
  2. Research the terms and costs of the rental agreement.
  3. Inquire about the maintenance and repair services provided by the rental company.

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